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Decorating Your Kid’s Room through Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese way of arranging things in the surroundings for a favorable flow of energy, known as “qi”. From choosing the right colors to arranging the furniture, follow these tips to create a “zen” atmosphere in your kid’s bedroom.

Bedroom Color

An excellent bedroom for the kids should have the yin and yang balance. That is, the room shouldn’t be in extremes of color; not too dark and not too bright. The bedroom color should fit the child’s taste and personality. If you want to use children wallpaper, or fototapety dla dzieci in Polish, it shouldn’t be of bright colors or have a busy design; because this over-stimulates a child which affects his/her central nervous system and disturbs his/her sleep.

Experts recommend using pastel blues, pinks, or greens to create a relaxing atmosphere, as these colors are healing and soothing in the world of feng shui.

Bed Placement

According to a feng shui expert ad holistic interior architect, Anjie Cho, there is an ideal placement of the bed to promote good sleep, known as the commanding position.

The bed should be positioned where you can see the door with the headboard just against the far wall. Don’t place it directly in front of the door; but rather, just across the room, diagonal from the door. This commanding position is said to help with those who have sleep issues because it puts the kid in command of the room as they can see who’s coming. Furthermore, it is important that the bed isn’t placed directly under a window.

Bunk Beds

Feng shui experts say that bunk beds are not great for kids because they will sleep too close to the ceiling, compressing their energies. However, if you are short on space or your kids really want bunk beds, choose those that are made of wood, instead of metal. More importantly, the beds should be stable and sturdy. The overhead part of the lower bed should be painted in a nice color to create the impression of a bigger space and hang some mobiles to allow a favorable flow of energy.

Art Work

Involve your kids in choosing art to decorate in the room that depicts their interests, whether in sports or other hobbies, or their own artwork. If your kid has trouble sleeping, however, does not hang an artwork that is fast-moving imagery, like transportation motifs or crashing waves.

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New Plumbing Technologies that Can Make Your Life Easier

About a century ago, modern technology consists of indoor plumbing systems. Purified water in chlorine systems were pretty much a new concept. Today, however, there are smart home systems and other technologies that have advanced plumbing systems. Plumbers nowadays have remote cameras to locate the damages in pipelines that can be repaired without digging.

To give you an idea of advanced plumbing technologies, here are some examples. Note: you can also visit Miami Plumber for more information.

Touch-less Faucets and Toilets

You may have seen this in malls, hotels, or restaurants, but these are relatively new plumbing technologies. Today, you don’t have to touch the toilet and faucets to turn them on or off! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that germs that cause flu and other illnesses thrive on surfaces of hard metals for over two hours and even longer. They are spread through contact when you touch an infected surface and touch your eyes, mouth, or noses.

“Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others,” says the CDC. And one of the best ways to do this is to avoid contact with faucets and toilets — which are among the places that germs can survive.

Flood Stop Technology

Some plumbing technologies like water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, and other items place some areas of the home at high risk for water damage. This risk is addressed by the electronic flooding detection system nowadays that can be installed in these flood-prone areas. When the device detects water on the floor or the area, it immediately cuts off the water supply in the said location. Note that you don’t have to put them in every area of your home. In most cases, you can determine areas that are of high risk and install them there.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water systems have been used by many for years now, and yet there are some homeowners who aren’t aware of their existence. You can save more than 50% of energy; therefore, their cost can outweigh the benefits that it gives you in the long run. Note, however, that tank-less water heaters may be susceptible to buildup of scales; hence, annual services are required.

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Less Invasive Pipe Repairs

It is not a secret that replacement of pipes is among the expensive home maintenance services. If there’s a leak underneath the foundation slab or behind the walls, yo may have to tear out old pipes and install new lines. These days, those problems can be solved using a new technology that repairs pipe damage. Utilizing a multi-step procedure, the interior pipe lines can be cleaned with abrasive blasting. After that, it is coated with epoxy resin that helps seal and stop leaks.

Another new plumbing technology helps replace pipes that are under the concrete without actually tearing the flooring. Trained plumbing technicians use the trenchless technology to make a tunnel where the pipe should go. It is relatively less expensive and more efficient than the older methods.

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Sedentary Lifestyle & Gestational Diabetes

According to a UK study, women who suffers depressive symptoms in pregnancy are more likely to sit down for prolonged periods of time during the 2nd semester; thereby putting them at greater risk for weight gain and from suffering gestational diabetes symptoms.

The study emphasized the need for women to address their physical and mental health during earlier stages of pregnancy in order to help lower the risks associated with sedentary lifestyle, says to the authors of the research.

The impact of sedentary lifestyle on pregnancy was previously unclear; currently, there are no UK guidelines for how long and how much physical activity is required for a healthy pregnancy.

Researchers from Warwick University studied the level of physical activity and emotional wellbeing in about 1,263 pregnant women during their first and second trimester of pregnancy. Their studies found that women who reported depressive symptoms are more likely to sit down for extended periods of time despite the factors of age, body mass index, and socio-economic status. Those who spent more time being sedentary during the second trimester also did only less amounts of physical activity, gaining significant weight in the first and second trimester.

Furthermore, they found that these women have higher blood glucose levels during their 28th week of pregnancy, thereby increasing their risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Dr. Nithya Sukkumar, the lead author of the study from Warwick Medical School, said, “Pregnant women could benefit from early intervention to improve their physical and mental health and reduce the risks associated with sedentary behavior.”

“Gestational diabetes can increase the risk of birth complications for the mother and baby and so it is important we minimize this risk by reducing the time that pregnant women spend sitting down,” she added.

We’ve all heard about the importance of exercise during pregnancy. This is especially important to those who are at increased risk for gestational diabetes. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), those with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to perform physical activities before, during, and after pregnancy.

gestational diabetes symptoms

ACOG have recommended an update regarding pregnancy exercises:

  • Physical activity in pregnant women shows little risks. In fact, it is shown to benefit most women, although some exercise modifications may be needed due to the normal physiologic changes and fetal requirements.
  • Before an exercise is recommended, a thorough clinical and physical evaluation is conducted to make sure that the patient won’t have any reason to avoid exercise.
  • Those with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to perform strength-conditioning and aerobic exercises pre-, intra-, and post-partum.
  • Women with medical conditions or obstetric complications should be properly evaluated by health care providers before recommending physical activities during pregnancy. Bed rest, although prescribed frequently, is rarely indicated; in most cases, ambulation is considered.
  • Engaging in physical activity during pregnancy improves physical fitness, helps in managing weight, and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes in overweight and obese women, while also enhances psychological wellbeing.

Dr. Raul Artal notes that there are a lot of benefits of exercise in pregnancy. This includes maintaining physical fitness, improving longevity, weight management, as well as prevention of gestational diabetes. He said, “It helps them with preventing hypertension and other sedentary lifestyle co-morbidities.”

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Halal-Certified Products Set to Enter Cosmetic Industry

You don’t have to be a beauty expert to know that Korean products have been taking over the industry lately; we see beauty trends from BB creams to hair highlights for dark brown hair. Cosmetic retailers are expanding their reach of Korean products to make them easily accessible to the consumers in the United States. Recently, South Korean companies seem to reach another consumer group: the Muslims.

Korean Manufacturers Seek Halal Certifications

According to an article from Business of Fashion, manufacturers of Korean cosmetics are seeking halal certifications despite of having a very small Islamic population in Korea. They say that the reason for this move is because Muslim consumers are spending increased amount of money recently on cosmetic.

Sayd Farook, PhD, an ex-global head of Islamic capital markets at Thomson Reuters, said, “While global Muslim spending on cosmetics was $46 billion in 2013 — 6.78% of global expenditure — it is expected to increase to $73 billion by 2019, and will make up over 8.2% of global expenditure.”

Halal-Certified Products

Halal-certified products are those that do not have ingredients from animals, like pigs and dogs. They are handled with clean utensils and are made with substances that aren’t dangerous to humans. According to Oru Mohiuddin, a senior analyst, beauty and personal care at Euromonitor International, halal goes beyond just ingredients, it includes “manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and logics”.

The requirements for halal are hard to come by, which is why it is more expensive to manufacture and develop products as it has stricter regulations. The halal beauty industry is comprise mostly of smaller companies like Iba Halal Care (based in India), as well as Amara Cosmetics (the first company to manufacture halal-certified products in the US).

Mainstream Brands on Being Halal-Certified

May mainstream cosmetic brands are currently looking to get into the halal industry. Shiseido, a Japanese company, obtained halal certification in Vietnam in 2012 and is currently selling halal skin care products using the Za brand in Malaysia. Several Estee Lauder products, on the other hand, are listed as halal. Colgate and Palmolive are also halal-approved.

hair highlights for dark brown hair

It looks like halal cosmetics are set to make an entry on the bigger cosmetics industry. As more people are becoming more conscious of the ingredients of their beauty products, halal-certified cosmetics will surely gain increased popularity. An analyst at Technavio, Vijay Sarathi, said, “While the global Muslim population is forecast to grow at a rate of over 50% until 2050, factors such as the rising trend of ethical wellbeing and overall health and wellness will make halal cosmetics and personal care products mainstream.”

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New Study Reveals “Intent” Behind Internet Mobile Use

  • Around 91% of mobile phone users browse into the web to socialize in comparison to 79% of traditional computer/desktop users.
  • Users of mobile phone are 1.4 times more supportive to rally for a cause compared to traditional users of desktop (67% against 47%).
  • Users of mobile phone are said to be 1.6 times more apt to deal with their finances in comparison to traditional users of desktop (62% against 39%).

Based on the survey announced by Ruder Finn,  one of the biggest independent public relations agencies in the world, an average of 2.7 hours on mobile internet are spending by the Americans – handling their personal finances, connecting socially and even as a way for advocacy.  The first-ever Mobile Intent Index studies by Ruder Finn for mobile user habits and discovers the fundamental reasons- or intent – individuals have with their mobile internet access.

In accordance to the Mobile Intent Index, it shows that mobile phone users don’t browse the mobile web for education reasons or creative expression, while the fleeting nature of mobile intent goes in opposition to spending time to participate in discussions about personal matters. As anticipated, usage by age and gender vary – with male users accessing the mobile as a means of “escape,” and female users making others laugh.

free local dating

Kathy Bloomgarden, the co-CEO of the FUder Finn says “mobile or smart phone users have turn to be a way for people to manage their lives – dealing with their finances, connecting with their loved ones and friend and even buying products – and such trend will just keep on growing.” “The mobile phone is turning to be the most influential online gadget, and the quicker the business can adjust their services to connect consumer mobile intent, the more rapid it is that they can capitalize on comprehending their clients/customers to drive development.”

In the Mobile Intent Index, it asked respondents on how they often use their mobile gadgets to browse online for 295 reasons. The results reveal that closeness is the main factor driving performance.

“Usage of mobile phone goes over the instant pleasure,” Marty McGough the director of Ruder Finn Insights said. “Based on our survey data, people use their mobile gadgets even if it’s not required just to get instant access to the internet be it has something to do with business conduct with the most updated information or activist on the spot on subjects of pressing concern and breaking news.”

Moreover, the data underscores the existence of mobile apps.  3 out of 4 (61%) respondents have a habit of downloading apps at least once in a month while there are around 36% download apps from social networking sites such as free local dating app at least once in a month.

Chief Innovation Officer Michael Schubert overlooking digital technique at Ruder Finn added, “Mobile technology simply means that individuals don’t have to wait anymore to be in front of their desktops to do their work. And so they are taking advantage of that through their mobile devices to carry out their core work while utilizing desktops to steer longer format and greater bandwidth content and tools. This is leading in big changes – and greater opportunities – across the industries, making mobile devices an important channel to keep businesses aggressive.”

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The Season of Quiet Atlantic Hurricane Is Going To Be the Norm for Many Years to Come

Based on historical data, this week is normally the peak of hurricanes but so far, this year’s hurricanes were quiet and no big storms. Only two hurricanes namely Danny and Fred has been formed in the basin of the Atlantic this year and did not even get near the coast of the US, this is according to the Center of National Hurricane.

The basin of the Atlantic includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean including the Atlantic Ocean. This year, only five tropical storms were formed but only Ana and Bill have affected the US. In a new study conducted, seasons of quiet Atlantic hurricane like this year will become the commonplace in the succeeding years. The study was published in Nature Geoscience, a British journal explained that the Atlantic is going to end its 20-year stretch of active hurricanes and sometimes unusual that started in 1995. One of the most active and unusual hurricanes was Katrina.

water damage restoration

The lead author of the study said that the patterns of active and quiet hurricane seasons are due to the natural cycle. This means that currently, Atlantic is going towards the off cycle. This is the reason for the quiet hurricane season this year. Often, the cycles last for 25-35 years, they are either causing the ocean water to become warm and salty to cooler and less salty. Warmer and saltier water will spur hurricanes, on the other hand, chilled and less salty water will bring weaker and fewer storms.

The author of the study said that the US has most likely entered the cycle where it is quieter than in the previous years, the cycle now is similar during 1970-1994. However, other scientists are not sure about this study and some say it is wrong because it is not backed up with sufficient evidence. For this reason, the people should not be complacent, they should prepare during the hurricane season like supplies and even a contact number of their trusted water damage restoration company in case of damage.

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Contact Lenses 101: Important Reminder for Contact Lenses Wearer

Based on statistic, teens and the youngsters often don’t pay attention in giving the best care of their contact lenses. Well, this may have something to do with late nights studying or going out with friends perhaps. The thing is that, cutting corners on proper contacts hygiene could improve the risk of serious eye problems or infections. In the worst cases, corneal ulcers or contact lens keratitis could damage your vision permanently and may require corneal transplant operation.

Luckily, numerous eye conditions that are usually susceptible to contact lens wearer can be prevented through adhering to simple guidelines of contact lens care. For instance, make it a habit to do a “rub and rinse” every night prior to soaking non-daily contact lenses in the disinfecting solution and make sure to do hand washing before even touching your contacts. However, if such steps are just important, there wouldn’t be a million doctors’ visits per year for eye infection problems based on the report given by the CDC.
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To ensure that your eyes are safe at all times, then check on these four contact lens safety tips for the young people across the globe from the American Academy of Opthalmology:

  • Change your case every quarter – to keep the germs at bay on your contact lenses, then make it a habit to replace its case every three month. At the start of every quarter, swap out your case for you to easily remember. Based on the study from the journal Opthalmology revealed that if contact lenses case is not yet change after 6 months, the risk of eye infection raises up to 5.5 times.
  • Water is a big No-no – you may be the swimming team captain, but remember swimming, showering or dipping in a hot tub with your lenses are greatly prohibited. Though the water from the tap might be clean for bathing or drinking, yet it remains the home of Acanthamoeba, a parasite that can cause serious eye infection that can lead to blindness. For similar reasons, don’t ever use water to soak or rinse contact lenses or cases.
  • Don’ ever dare to snooze! – Never ever dare to sleep wearing your contact lenses. The similar Opthalmology study found out that sleeping in contact lenses even in occasional cases can amplify the risk of moderate to severe eye infection about 6.5 times.

Just by taking the above-mention contact lenses tips, you can prevent yourself from acquiring infection of any sorts. Whether you wear contact lenses for visual reasons or just for fun and glam that you can buy at, these go out to every contact lenses wearer.

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Selling in the Digital World

As the company King Content, based in Australia, was bought, it brings up again the issue of what content marketing really means for marketers. Its definition brings about a debate to many. Here are its interpretation and definition according to a nonprofit association of content marketers in Asia.

According to the Senior Writer and Editor of Editor Group Singapore

According to Mellisa de Villiers, it is not about selling your products or services to your clients and potential customers; but rather, it is about delivering smart or entertaining information, or both.

The idea of this type of marketing is that if companies that sell products and services give out valuable information in ways that appeal to the target market, they’d reward them with their loyalty. Consequently, the first step for successful marketing would be to understand the definition of “valuable” to the target audience; it should mainly be based on what issues they give importance to and how they want to spend time on the web. In addition, it is also important to know the form of content your target audience likes. Only then can companies be able to effectively communicate with them.

content marketing
Image source:

According to the Strategic Lead of King Content Asia

Hedvig Lyche says that this type of marketing is a form of excellent storytelling. Ever since the beginning, people have always utilized stories in order to grasp and deeply understand certain information and with the advent of technology, storytelling has become the means to spread the word throughout the world.

The goal of this type of marketing is for companies to fully understand the industry they are operating in, provide insights to the behavior of the market, determine consumer patterns, create valuable story they officially own, and devise content based on how their market likes it.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Black Marketing

Anu Menon believes that in order to make a valuable content, we need to consider how we can give a relevant message that would resonate to our target market through proper channels; online or offline.

The keys to making a successful content is to (1) make sure that you have determined your target market; (2) determine the appropriate medium of communicating your message to your market; and, (3) make sure that you provide informative, relevant, and interesting message.

According to the Founder and Managing Director of BlinkAsia

Shamila Gopalan says that content is the “buzzword” of the 21st Century’s marketing strategy. In general, companies that want to gain the attention of the consumers made a way of interrupting them. For instance, if you read a magazine or watch videos online, you’d encounter ads; when you’re watching television, there are commercial breaks; and when you go online, there are pop-ups. These interruptions are not welcomed and can usually annoy the consumer primarily because they aren’t really interested on what you are trying to sell. The best way to deal with this is to ask permission from the consumers. This happens when they are actually searching for you online.

According to her, this type of marketing works best for those who are always looking for information, help, or even just entertainment.

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Google Boosts the Privacy Control of their Users

On Monday, Google improved their users’ privacy controls and rolled a webpage that caters frequently asked question to address the growing concern over how the search giant gathers and utilizes its huge amount of data.

Users have the capacity to manage particular privacy settings for several months or even years, for instance whether to save location history and web browser, which is used as well in targeted advertising. However, running the controls is confusing and takes so much time since the settings are in different places all over the webs that are not always easily located.

Now users will be able to access My Account, which gives a security and privacy checkup, or lists where individuals can check of what kind of data they like to be private and public. The new website of Google answers frequently asked questions, similar as whether the firm sells personal information and what data is provided to the advertisers.

“We are aware that users find security and privacy really mysterious so we liked to create it to be very approachable,” according to Guemmy Kim, the product manager for account settings and controls.

Data control has turn to be increasingly significant to users in the recent years as more and more daily activities have shifted to the Internet.

If for instance you are researching for the best nightlife experience within your locality or overseas or perhaps you want to search on the web the finest kind of whisky drink, you can now have the choice to make your search be private or leave it public. The data that you want to keep on yourself or be publicized is now within your control with this new feature of Google.

In 2014, the leaked classified documents of Edward Snowden that shows the National Security Agency of U.S was holding in mass collection of phone records, putting companies that great amounts of data, such as Facebook, Google and Apple, under growing scrutiny.

Google’s New Privacy Setting in Summary:

  • Enables user to control settings for Maps, Search, Gmail, Youtube and other products in one setting
  • Offers step-by-step guides to control the most significant Google security and privacy settings
  • Users can access sites and apps they’ve logged in with their credentials in Google
  • My Account central dashboard can be utilized to turn on and off location tracking, targeted advertising and also app and web activity history

In the recent Pew survey, there are only 9% of people who felt they have a “great” control with their data.

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Being Emotionally Healthy when Dating

You might feel that you’re just one step away from having the man of your dreams in which you think that if you give it a little more push, he’d finally start to get it and would love you back (or the other way around). It may be difficult to admit to yourself, but this is just a delusion.

Unfortunately for us, life isn’t a movie. Any grand gesture you do to the object of your affection is bound to backfire, thereby hurting your self-respect in the process.

Instead of thinking of ways for someone to like you, you need to focus more on boosting your self-respect and loving yourself more.

So before you engage in gratis dating, here are some things that you need to learn when you’re single.

Learn to be assertive and pay attention to what you want.

There are only a few disadvantages to being assertive, open, and honest. Remember that you actually owe it not only to yourself, but also to everyone you meet, to be upfront about who and what you are, as well as what you are looking for a partner. Note that, like any other skill, being assertive takes practice.

Although it is pretty scary to directly state your intentions, it is also a bad move to be friendly to someone and pretending to be someone you’re not; be honest instead. As we all know, “confidence is sexy”.

By being honest to yourself, you’d be able to prevent from chasing someone who isn’t sure to be a part of your life as you are in theirs.

gratis dating

Look at people in different shades of grey.

The most common mistake we make when dating is that we have the tendency to overlook someone’s flaws. When we get attracted, we label that person as “ideal” and we are put on a pedestal. Most of the time, we forget that someone’s character is neither black nor white. Note that everyone has flaw; that is why it is important for you to be honest if you notice red flags in other people. It is relatively easy to force yourself to be in a relationship with the wrong one because we fear being lonely.

There’s a difference between anxiety and attraction.

More often than not, we usually mix up anxiety and attraction. If you feel like you want his/her attention more when he/she starts to pull away from you, then you are mistaking anxiety for attraction.

Do not stay in an unsatisfying relationship. Know what real attraction is and how it feels like instead of being afraid of possibly losing someone.

Let go if you aren’t getting enough interest or respect from your partner.

Don’t waste valuable time with someone who doesn’t love/like you back. People who are emotionally available will respond positively when they are truly attracted to you. If they aren’t, then you should walk away.

Being confident enough to walk away when someone isn’t treating you right is the one of the best ways to keep your self-respect.

Make sure that when it’s over, it is really over. Do not fantasize about someone who got away as this will undermine your self-respect.  Note that, this will help you keep a healthy level of self-respect; whoever you decide to settle down with would be thankful of your confidence.

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